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Sürfat ela Maybell binon is an [[unincorporated area|unincorporated]] [[town]] and a [[United States Postal Service|U,S. km².
Maybell labon belödanis ''' is an [[unincorporated area|unincorporated]] [[town]] and a [[United States Postal Service|U.S. Post Office]] located in [[Moffat County Colorado|Moffat County]], [[Colorado]], [[United States]]. The Maybell Post Office has the [[ZIP Code]] 81640.<ref name=ZIPcode>{{cite web | url = http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/citytown.jsp | title = ZIP Code Lookup| format = [[JavaScript]]/[[HTML]] | publisher = [[United States Postal Service]] | date = [[2007-01-11]] | accessdate = 2007-01-11 }}</ref>
The lowest temperature ever recorded in the [[Colorado|State of Colorado]] was -61°F (-52°C) at Maybell on [[1985-02-01]].<ref name=StateMinTemps>{{cite web | url = http://lwf.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/pub/data/special/mintemps.pdf | title = Record Lowest Temperatures by State | format = [[PDF]] | publisher = [[National Climatic Data Center]] | date = [[2004-01-01]] | accessdate = 2007-01-11 }}</ref>


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