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Posts[redakön fonäti]

Benokömö[redakön fonäti]

Welcome to the Volapük Wikipedia!

Spelob, das ojuitol keblünami Vükipede obsik. If labol säkis u dotis, kanol säkön guvanis: Smeira u Malafaya. Dunabikos binon mödik! If vilol lärnön mödikumosi dö Volapük it, reidolös padi: VP:VOLAPUK.

I hope you'll enjoy contributing to our Wikipedia. If you have questions or doubts, you can ask sysops Smeira and Malafaya. There's a lot to do! Help yourself to VP:VOLAPUK for some elements of Volapük.

Name change[redakön fonäti]

For the time being, there is no specific place to ask for name changes; the best idea would be to ask for such a thing at the Kafetar, our pub and free discussion place. Anyway, I'll do the change you request (the Volapük word for computer, by the way, is 'nünöm'). (By the way, there is a place to ask for a bot flag -- it's here. Please submit a request there before attempting more than a few example edits.) --Smeira 23:45, 2008 mäzul 1id (UTC)[reply]
Geban:WOPR has been renamed as Geban:Nünöm. Please change any the links accordingly. I've also added a Volapük translation to your name on your Meta page, and a couple of extra Portuguese translations also. Cool idea, by the way :-). Thanks for submitting a bot flag request, it is now being processed. --Smeira 00:18, 2008 mäzul 2id (UTC)[reply]
Thank you very much! -- Cat chi? 01:03, 2008 mäzul 2id (UTC)[reply]