Se Vükiped: sikloped libik
Bunön lü: nafam, suk

(Nog pabumöl)

a — (with time words) present
ä — (with time words) previous, last
e — (with time words) the one before last
i — (with time words) three (days, etc.) ago
o — (with time words) next
u — (with time words) the one after next
be — (transitivizes intransitive verbs)
da — intensifier (is used to make abstract synonyms of verbs)
— breaking down, becoming nonfunctional, going out of order
dale — double intensity (da + le)
dei — causing death, resulting in death
do — lowering, bringing down, going down
du — movement through
fa — absence
fäi — closing
fe — complete consumption, using up completely
fea — trans-
fi — completion of action
hi — masculine
ho — castrated male
ji — feminine
jo — neutered female
ke — togetherness (co-)
ki — (forms interrogative words)
la — raising, taking up
lai — continuance of action
läx — former (ex-)
le — greater, better (also makes abstract synonyms (cf. da))
lu — smaller, worse
— in-law
mai — opening
ne — opposite, not
ni — inner
— movement into
plö — outer
ru — of great antiquity, primal (cf. German Ur-)
si — related to celestial objects or heavenly beings
ze — middle, mid-