Se Vükiped: sikloped libik
Bunön lü: nafam, suk

(Nog pabumöl)

ikön — intransitive verb ending
ükön — transitive verb ending
il — diminutive
ül — diminutive (also used with abstract verbs); young of animals
an — person who is or does action of root
el — person who makes
al — person of high office or rank
äb — person who receives action
ian, iel — things or machines that do
ion — numeral suffix (positive powers of million)
yim — numeral suffix (negative powers of million)
af — animal
ep — plant
oin, ain, in — (used to form names of gems and minerals?)
än — country
eän — island
uäns — archipelago
ean — ocean
am — general verbal noun ending
äd — verbal noun ending
ot — verbal noun ending
od — verbal noun ending
ed — verbal noun ending
et — verbal noun ending
iär — container
av — knowledge (-ology)
em — collection, set, group
öm — tool, apparatus
äm — organ of animal
ät — concepts (-ity?)
öp — place
üp — time
üd, üf, üm — (for musical terms?)
at — number words
äl — mental, spiritual
iäl — inclination, desire
im — -ism
öf — general quality, -ishness
ab — necessity? worth?
ov — possibility
ug — convenience
ag — abundance
er — containing
idön — verb ending, giving a contrasting or opposite meaning to root (?)