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The term "nolavaliterat" is supposed to mean "science fiction". If you know or can think of something better, please say! Robert 20:07, 2010 prilul 26id (UTC)

Hmm, can't think of anything better but "nolavaliterat" sounds like "scientific literature" :). Malafaya 09:42, 2010 prilul 28id (UTC)
I've just seen that in the page on Olaf Stapledon, the term "magälaliterat nolavik" is used. In the Eng-Vp dictionary at the Yahoo group, "fiction = magälöfot", and in the Vp-Eng one, "magäl = fantasy"; and it isn't clear if the word for literature is fiction-only or more general. I think I'll copy the term from the Stapledon page, to play safe. Robert 08:51, 2010 prilul 29id (UTC)

If balan se Dokans fütüra binon vom, kio odunobs-li is? Robert (talk) 08:24, 2014 mayul 14id (UTC)

Del et ekömon!! Robert (bespik) 20:50, 2017 yulul 16id (UTC)