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Name of Norgän[redakön fonäti]

«Norge» is more than anything else the name of the country Norgän, as most people living there say it. The long and official name is «Kongeriket Norge» but this is not used by anyone but in very official laws and documents. So I think it should be on top of the list that this is the name of the country Norgän. (The country also has another name in addition, used by the other 20%: «Noreg» or official: «Kongeriket Noreg» because of our two main languages).

You are listing «Norge: zif in tat: Oklahoma, in Lamerikän» because this is what they call their city. «Norge» will be used as a search term by people looking for the country you call Norgän, using the country's own name. Magnefl (talk) 11:02, 2013 prilul 2id (UTC)