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Samafomot:Coor title dm

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koordinats: {{{1}}}°{{{2}}}′{{{3}}}, {{{4}}}°{{{5}}}′{{{6}}}

This template places the coordinates in the upper-right of the article, just below the horizontal rule running under the article's title.

Usage[redakön fonäti]

The template should be placed at the bottom of the article before the Categories and interwiki language links, so that other editors will always know where to find it. Furthermore, future implementations may treat it differently in different site themes, and placing it in a standard location will make this easier.

Copy this blank version to use:

{{coor title dm|deg|min|NS|deg|min|EW|optional}}

Replace the first occurrences of deg, and min with the degree, minute, and second of the North-South component of the coordinates, and the second occurrences with the same for the East-West component. NS and EW should each be replaced with one or the other of N or S, and E or W. The optional can be any type:, region:, or scale: parameters that are recognised by the map server (such as the popular type:city and type:landmark options. See Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates#Parameters for a comprehensive list).

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