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This subpage contains documentation, categories and other content that is not part of the template.
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Function[redakön fonäti]

Provides links to the Search page on the various Wikimedia sister projects. If a matching article exists, the reader will be directed there. Otherwise, normal search results are shown.

Usage[redakön fonäti]


  • If the search parameter differs from the page name, use: {{sisterlinks|SearchParameter}}
  • If the display name is different from the search term, use: {{sisterlinks|SearchParameter|display=DisplayName}}
    • For example, the Bear article would be coded as: {{sisterlinks|display=Bears}}
  • If the titles in the individual sister projects differ, use the following parameters, which are taken from Help:Interwiki linking:
    • wikt: Wiktionary
    • b: Wikibooks
    • q: Quotations
    • s: Source texts
    • commons: Images and Media
    • n: News stories
    • v: Wikiversity
    • species: Wikispecies
      • For example: {{sisterlinks|wikt=Foo1|b=Foo2|q=Foo3|s=Foo4|commons=Foo5|n=Foo6|v=Foo7|species=Foo8}}
  • If you would like to exclude a link to a particular sister project, input "no" as the parameter, for that sister project.
    • For example, use: {{sisterlinks|q=no}} to exclude the Quotations sister project. (Links to Wikispecies are disabled by default and are only shown if the "species" parameter is used to specify the scientific name related to the article.)
  • For articles about authors, use: {{sisterlinks|author=yes}} to force the sisterlinks to include the Author: prefix.

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