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Stän ela ,Zifataib’
Stän ela ,Zifataib’
Sköt ela ,Zifataib’
Sköt ela ,Zifataib’
Län: <country>
Tat: <state>
Provin: <province>
Ziläk: <district>
Komot: <municipality>
Koordinats: <coordinates>
Nüns cifik
Nem calöfik: <official name>
Fün: <foundation>
Sifal: <mayor>
Belödans: <inhabitants>
Sürfat: <surface>
Potakot: <zip code>
Foyümot telefonik: <local dialing code>
Resodatoped: <official website>


This infobox can be used for cities and towns. Please note that all variables except komot (municipality), ziläk (district), provin (province) and tat (state) are filled automatically with information from Wikidata. Filling them manually will override these data. In some cases this would be a good idea. For example, the field län (country) may be filled with a whole list of countries, including historical ones.

| kaed        = <map>
| stän        = <flag>
| sköt        = <coat of arms>
| län         = <country>
| tat         = <state>
| provin      = <province>
| ziläk       = <district>
| komot       = <municipality>
| koordinats  = <coordinates>
| nem         = <official name>
| fün         = <foundation>
| sifal       = <mayor>
| belödans    = <inhabitants>
| sürfat      = <surface>
| timatopäd   = <time zone>
| potakot     = <zip code>
| foyümot_tel = <local dialing code>
| resodatoped = <official website>
| magod       = <image>