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Glidis! Mod gudikün ad spikön ko ob binon geb kala obik in Vükped Linglänapükik: en:User talk:Fang Aili.

tradutods paneodons[redakönredakön fonäti]

  • translations needed
tradutods paneodons
  • Substituting this template produces one or more new substitution template calls, allowing recursive change of a page, see meta:Help:Recursive conversion of wikitext.
Hm, hard one. Recursive is a new word. Here's my best bet: Plaädam samafomota at kodon ledunamis nulik bal u plu bali plaädasamafomota, kelos dälon padavotükami otvoköl; logolös meta:Help:Recursive conversion of wikitext. (I did recursive = otvoköl, literally self-calling.)
  • conway's game of life
Lifapled hiela Conway
    • game/chess
  • glider
sleafön = to glide (intr.): sleafob = I glide around. A person who glides (a human glider) is sleafan; a gliding animal is sleafaf; an instrument/inanimate object that glides is a sleafian. Which one would better translate Conway's gliders? ;-)
  • life
  • death
deadam (= act of dying), dead (= fact of being dead)
  • click
the 'traditional' translation for 'clicking' (with a computer mouse) is välön (me mugaparat), literally 'choose' (= select) 'with mouse-machine'. I don't like it very much and have proposed the neologism klikön (transitive), up until now without official recognition.
  • move
mufön (intransitive: mufob = I move (around)), müfön (transitive: müfob = I put it into motion), topätükön (transitive; topätükob = I move it (from here to there), I change its place)

kikavoeds[redakönredakön fonäti]

  • en -> vo
  • wiki -> vük
  • wiki-text -> vükavödem, vödem vükik
  • welcome ->Benokömö!
  • hello -> Glidis!
  • thanks -> Danö!
  • translation -> tradutam (the act of translating), tradutod (its result)
  • key words -> kikavöds
  • grammar -> gramat
  • recursion, recursive conversion
A difficult one, as I said. My current suggestion: otvoköl (self-calling) = recursive (adj), otvokam (action of self-calling) = recursion; to convert = feajafön (lit. to (re)create as), conversion = feajafam (the act of), feajafod = the result (more abstract: e.g. a sentence, an idea), feajafot = the result (more concrete: a real-world object). My take at "recursive conversion": feajafam otvoköl. (Since this is a neologism, it would still need approval. So I give it here as a prototype, which may change depending on what other Volapükists have to say.)
Si. "Self-calling". Patrick invented the term. Hillgentleman 17:06, 30 tobul 2007 (UTC)
  • template ->samafomot

VO->EN[redakönredakön fonäti]


Dictionaries (= Vödabuks):

gramat[redakönredakön fonäti]