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Delete...[redakön fonäti]

Dzień dobry, chyba nie ma sensu podać tych pustych kategorii do usunięcia, skoro tu i tak nie ma aktywnych moderatorów. Poza tym, one się i tak pojawiają na stronie Patikos:Kladsnopageböls. Pozdrawiam serdecznie, IJzeren Jan (bespik) 21:09, 2019 yanul 24id (UTC)[reply]

Dzięki za informację. Nie zauważyłem tego wcześniej. Łukasz Winek (bespik) 21:11, 2019 yanul 24id (UTC)[reply]
Nic dziwnego. Zresztą, one nie pojawiają się od razu, to zawsze trwa jakiś dzień. Chyba potrzebny będzie tutaj jakiś admin! Pzdr., IJzeren Jan (bespik) 21:13, 2019 yanul 24id (UTC)[reply]

Community Insights Survey[redakön fonäti]

RMaung (WMF) 14:34, 2019 setul 9id (UTC)[reply]

Reminder: Community Insights Survey[redakön fonäti]

RMaung (WMF) 19:14, 2019 setul 20id (UTC)[reply]

Glidis e danö pro glid olik. Binol-li geban cifik is? Pükan V (bespik) 11:13, 2019 setul 23id (UTC)[reply]

Reminder: Community Insights Survey[redakön fonäti]

RMaung (WMF) 17:04, 2019 tobul 4id (UTC)[reply]

Language/Pük[redakön fonäti]

Would you rather that I talk to you in English or in Volapük?
Buol-li das spikob ole in Volapük ud in Linglänapük? Pükan V (bespik) 10:34, 2019 tobul 28id (UTC)[reply]

TRANSLATION[redakön fonäti]

Hi, i was translation Baran Ahmet (bespik) 18:40, 2019 novul 12id (UTC)[reply]

ĉu vi povas traduki ĝin al la angla? Enes bi (bespik) 18:55, 2019 novul 13id (UTC)[reply]

Can you speak english? Enes bi (bespik) 19:12, 2019 novul 14id (UTC)[reply]

Yes. Łukasz Winek (bespik) 19:47, 2019 novul 14id (UTC)[reply]

Can you translate an article? Enes bi (bespik) 19:54, 2019 novul 14id (UTC)[reply]

Can you translate an article to English? Enes bi (bespik) 20:00, 2019 novul 14id (UTC)[reply]

Not so much, and if so, with different results. Best regards, Łukasz Winek (bespik) 22:27, 2019 novul 14id (UTC)[reply]

Removal Request[redakön fonäti]

Hi Łukasz Winek, - I would like to ask you to remove my personal name from 2 articles. I can't even recognize this artificial language - volapük - I am sorry but I don't understand any words on these sites here. There is also a text placed on my wikipedia page but it doesn't make sense to me. Can I provide you with the URLs here or should I rather do it privately? Just because your discussion page is a public place. It is personal data so I don't wish to share it with anyone else. Thank you. Nora

- Łukasz - Why do you revert my edits?

Danö pro nun olik! Vilob gudükumön Vükipedi. Ikuzaf (bespik) 00:08, 2022 yanul 30id (UTC)[reply]

Can you expand the pages I wrote? Also everything in Klad:Televidalekoneds (which doesn't exist yet for some reason). 2600:1700:53F0:AD70:78DC:C483:D926:55F 22:13, 2022 mäzul 8id (UTC)[reply]

I meant add some more information about Liv e Maddie and Renar e yagadog. Can you? 2600:1700:53F1:5560:9015:CE8F:DF8D:C17D 22:02, 2022 mäzul 13id (UTC)[reply]
I have no plans for this yet, perhaps in the near future. Best regards, Łukasz Winek (bespik) 20:33, 2022 mäzul 16id (UTC)[reply]

Broken redirects[redakön fonäti]

Hello! I see that you are submitting a lot of broken redirects for deletion, but to be honest, there's not much point in wasting your time on that. They can easily be found here. There are several thousands of them and deleting all of them manually is practically undoable; this is really the kind of thing that should be done by a bot. But as far as I am concerned, there's no urgency with that, since broken redirects don't really cause problems anyway. Cheers,  IJzeren Jan 20:26, 2022 yulul 17id (UTC)[reply]

OK, I see. Łukasz Winek (bespik) 20:29, 2022 yulul 17id (UTC)[reply]

If I understand De Jong's dictionary correctly, the word kapor refers to a military or police squad. For a team in sports, the word kvip seems more appropriate. In several sources (including Krüger's course for Swedish speakers and Ralph Midgley's Volapük in Action) you'll find the word futaglöpädakvip. Cheers,  IJzeren Jan 22:58, 2022 novul 19id (UTC)[reply]

OK. Łukasz Winek (bespik) 17:05, 2022 novul 20id (UTC)[reply]

Hey, do you think you'd be able to vote for the article Lucy Salani in the Translation of the week project here? This way, the article will be translated into more languages. Thank you! --Brunnaiz (bespik) 18:53, 2023 prilul 10id (UTC)[reply]

Voted. Łukasz Winek (bespik) 19:47, 2023 prilul 10id (UTC)[reply]

Add an article to its corresponding Wikidata page[redakön fonäti]

@Łukasz Winek Hi Łukasz! I created an article for the City of Durrës in Volapük language as I thinked it doesn't exists on this Wikipedia, since I didn't see it in the language list for this city. I found it now, when you or someone merged the article I created with the previously created article from someone, which I wasn't aware. I need from you (since you last edited the page for this city) to add it to its corresponding Wikidata page. Thanks Muhaarnaout (bespik) 16:58, 2024 febul 27id (UTC)[reply]