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Welcome to the Volapük Wikipedia!

Glidis! Spelob, das ojuitol keblünami Vükipede obsik. If labol säkis u dotis, kanol säkön guvani: ,IJzeren Jan’ u votiks. Dunabikos binon mödik! If vilol lärnön mödikumosi dö Volapük it, reidolös padi: VP:VOLAPUK.

Hi! I hope you'll enjoy contributing to our Wikipedia. If you have questions or doubts, you can ask sysops IJzeren Jan and others. There's a lot to do! Help yourself to VP:VOLAPUK for some elements of Volapük.

Łukasz Winek (bespik) 17:09, 2021 gustul 7id (UTC)Reply[reply]

Populated places[redakön fonäti]

Hello. Please do not remove the coord template {{koord}}. First of all, this action doesn't improve the pages, especially because geographical coordinates don't work in local infobox (I don't know why). Also, the removal of {{koord}} you've made looks inconsistently - removed somewhere, but mostly did not. I believe better if you either make the template eliminated everywhere, and you can explain it, or you don't do like this.
Thank you anyway for your contribution, I guess the voWP did never come across such an activity (by a human).:) --Wolverène (bespik) 07:01, 2021 gustul 11id (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hi, thanks for your remarks, but actually that template is removed automatically when I save the page, I don't remove it by myself, I just add the photo, maybe it's an auto clean up feature in your VO Wikipedia. Kindly advise what to do.--Muhammad Abul-Futooh (bespik) 07:16, 2021 gustul 11id (UTC)Reply[reply]
I am not sure how to fix it if this is a technical issue. As far as I know there are no such a feature in the voWP... While I have a bit of freetime, I could just turn it back manually. So I can advice only to re-check a batch of edits (maybe every 50-100 edits, or somehow). Thanks, --07:21, 2021 gustul 11id (UTC)

Oh, I'm guessing. I might be caused since those pages have two coord templates in a row instead of normal single one. So the script(?) is removing duplicates as well. It's a local fault, not yours. --Wolverène (bespik) 07:25, 2021 gustul 11id (UTC)Reply[reply]

I think so, I'll try to search articles without the template and add it from Wikidata once I finish images. Thanks again.--Muhammad Abul-Futooh (bespik) 07:47, 2021 gustul 11id (UTC)Reply[reply]